Monitoring and Rehabilitation

Coral Bay Nickel Corporation diligently implements its Environmental Protection Program under the DENR-MGB approved Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) and allocates more than double than the requirement of the Philippine Mining Law.

CBNC operates and maintains environmental protection and pollution control facilities; regularly monitors its surrounding air, water and land; conducts annual assessments of flora, fauna and coastal resources; and implements a strict Solid Waste Management Program.

Finally, in compliance to the Final Mine Rehabilitation and Decommissioning Plan (FMRDP) as stipulated in DENR Administrative Order (DAO) 2010-21.

CBNC also allocates funds for the progressive rehabilitation of its decommissioned Tailings Storage Facility 1 (TSF-1) which resulted in the revegetation of the once barren areas and the increase of species diversity of terrestrial vertebrates.

The barren tailings soil at CBNC's TSF-1 which is reddish brown in color is rehabilitated starting 2011 after it was filled to capacity with mine discharge. By applying innovative soil revitalization and planting techniques, the whole 70 hectare tailings surface area has now become a sustainable grassland ecosystem.

(Image taken on May 10, 2019)

A closer look at CBNC's rehabilitated TSF-1.

Below are some of the flora and fauna that can be found inside.

Figure shows the annual trend in the number of observed species within CBNC's vicinity. With the company's rehabilitation efforts, the 45 species of birds, mammals, and herps recorded in 2005 have significantly increased to a total of 97 species in 2023.